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The phrase “girl power” can inspire even the most disheartened. It evokes empowerment among women and is especially relevant today as girls and women raise the bar for what they can take on and accomplish.
The significance of “girl power” motivates even the youngest of girls - especially those that are entering the competitive world of sports. Sophia, of Chicopee, knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a hockey goalie (her dad is a hockey coach and she often attends his weekly games). Sophia, of course, wasn’t aware that not many girls played ice hockey – she just simply embraced the sport that she gravitated towards. Her instincts served her well – not only was she hugely talented at the sport, she became one of the only female goalies in her league.
Sophia, now 9, began ice skating at just two years old. She joined her first ice hockey team at age 6 and during that time she had an opportunity to play goalie. Sophia recalls, “I ended up really liking it – and I was actually pretty good too!”
Her passion for the sport has only grown as she’s gotten older. During ice hockey season she dedicates her time practicing with her team three times a week and typically plays two games on the weekends. Even though the sport takes up most of her extracurricular time, Sophia doesn’t mind the hard work that goes into playing ice hockey and says, “I really enjoy being able to hang out with my teammates that are also my friends. I also like to be competitive.”
One of the ways Sophia has learned to be competitive is by frequently watching the All-Stars that play for the NHL. Sophia says, “I am a big fan of all hockey players, but Tuuka Rask and Mark Andre Fleury are two of my favorite goaltenders.”
When we approached Sophia to tell us about her hockey journey as part of our Moments campaign, she was eager to have a chance to do what she loves and share it with a wider audience. Seeing herself on TV for the first time was a special moment for Sophia; one that she’ll likely never forget. She recalls, “It was crazy to see myself on TV – it was so exciting! Whenever we hear the music, we all stop what we’re doing and sit down to watch it.”
Sophia’s mom, Holly, was overcome with emotion the first time she saw Sophia’s commercial. She recalls, “It was really amazing to see my daughter on TV and made me very proud. Even after seeing the commercial many times, it still brings tears to my eyes!”
Holly then added, “All of our friends and family have reached out to say they have seen the commercial and they’ve all been telling us how much they love it!”
Sophia’s success has made a positive impact on others as well. Holly proudly states, “Many people have told us that seeing a girl goalie on TV has inspired their daughters to play hockey or try being a goalie.”
It’s clear that even before the age of ten, Sophia’s dedication, hard work and talent demonstrates exactly what “girl power” is all about.
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