Haven’t tried Mobile Deposit?

The technology that gave us Mobile Deposit - the ability to deposit checks using a smartphone - is coming up on its tenth anniversary. Almost every bank now offers it, so why don’t more people use the service? According to a survey performed by Harland Clarke late last year, 34% of people prefer to visit a branch.
 While we're flattered and we love to see our customers, it’s important you know you can make a Mobile Deposit if you had to. Someday you may be running late for your kid’s soccer game and don’t have time to get to the bank to make that very important deposit. Or what about that birthday check from your Aunt that’s been sitting on your desk for three months? We could have an active hurricane season, snowstorm or some other unforeseen natural emergency. After all, we do live in New England. Whatever the reason, we want you to have options.
Believe it or not, that same survey, the one that told us the majority of folks like to come in to see our smiling faces, also told us that 22% of people aren’t sure how to use the Mobile Deposit service and 7% don’t know if their bank even offers it. Well, we’d like tell you, Florence Bank does offer Mobile Deposit. You can find it in our Mobile Banking App and we’d be happy to show you how to use it.
Mobile Deposit is easy, secure and convenient. You can deposit up to $5,000 per day and if you deposit your check by 4:00 PM on a business day and receive a confirmation email from us accepting your deposit, your funds will be provisionally credited to your account the next business day.
If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may want to follow the instructions on our website to make your first Mobile Deposit, but if you’d like to see exactly how it works, visit your nearest Florence Bank branch. We’ll not only write you a check for $5.00 and show you how to deposit it into your account using the Mobile Deposit feature we’ll do it using your own phone. What do you have to lose? You’ll acquire a new skill that someday may save you the stress of having to rush to the bank to make a deposit. Who knows, once you try Mobile Deposit, you may even discover you like it!