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Stay connected, no matter where your day might take you.

The business world moves fast these days- and it's important to keep pace. When your busy schedule pulls you away from the office, you can use your smartphone to handle important financial matters at a moment's notice. Mobile Banking is a secure way to transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and keep close tabs on all your Florence Bank accounts.
If you are signed up for Business Online Banking, you can use your same User ID to pay bills, transfer funds, deposit checks and manage your Florence Bank accounts from your smartphone or tablet! Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, bank when you want, wherever you want.
Mobile Deposit Check and PhoneWhen customers or clients pay with checks, there's no reason to make a time-consuming trip to the bank to deposit them. Your mobile device and our app are all you need to get the money into your accounts.

· Endorse the check as you normally would and include “For Mobile Deposit Only”
· Take photos of the front and back with the camera on your smartphone or tablet
· Follow the simple instructions in our Mobile App
· Receive confirmation that the deposit has been received
· Funds are generally available for use the next business day
· Mobile deposit is available in our iPhone and Android applications
· Standard data and text messaging rates may apply

What is a Mobile Alert?

A Mobile Alert is when an app sends you a message or notification without opening the app. Florence Bank sends these notifications to alert you if fraud is suspected on your account, and for any type of alert you may have established.

In order to receive Mobile Alerts from Florence Bank, you will need to go into your settings on your phone, locate our Florence Bank App, and select “Allow notifications.”

How do I enroll in Mobile Alerts?

Open your Florence Bank Mobile App. Select “Banking Services” in the mobile menu. Click on "Manage My Alerts" then "Push Notification Enrollment." This will automatically send you security alerts, such as password changes or failed login attempts.

How do I set up Mobile Alerts within Card Controls?

Tap on Card Controls in the mobile menu. Select the desired card, then tap “Alerts & Controls.” Choose whether you want alerts for all transactions or if you want to customize your alerts. If you wish to customize, choose which transactions you would like to trigger an alert.

How do I set up additional Mobile Alerts?

Select "Banking Services" in the mobile menu. Click on "Manage My Alerts," then "My Alerts." Within previously established alerts or any new alerts you set up, there will be an option to select your device to receive the alert.


  • Connect your financial accounts in one place, including debit and credit cards, loans or personal savings and checking accounts with other financial institutions, and even investment accounts.
  • Track and categorize your spending, so you can clearly see where your money is going every month.
  • Auto-generate a budget based on prior spending, which you can then fine-tune each month.
Use a Mobile Wallet option and your Florence Bank Debit Card to make payments at hundreds of merchants nationwide! With Mobile Wallet, your information is secure. Instead of using your actual debit card numbers, a unique device-only account number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored. 
Fingerprint and Facial Login are optional sign in methods offered by Florence Bank to sign into our Mobile Banking. It is available for iOS and Android devices that have compatible fingerprint or facial recognition support.
Balances is a feature within Mobile Banking that allows you to view account balances quickly without needing to login to the app. 
Can't find your business debit card? You can deactivate it within Online Banking and in our Mobile App.

  • When it's recovered, you can reactivate it from your phone.
  • Provides peace of mind when you misplace your card.

Florence Bank is a full-service bank with branches conveniently located throughout Western Massachusetts.

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