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Our employees like coming to work because it feels good to be valued, recognized, and supported. That sense of being nurtured has led a few of our team members down a career path they might never have imagined as the right fit for them. 

Take assistant branch manager Stephen Bourgeois. He didn’t have a career in banking in mind when he applied for a job 10 years ago, but his focus changed thanks to the mentoring he received along the way. 

“I experienced just how much my managers cared,” says Stephen, who started out as a teller. “They wanted to develop me, and that made me decide I wanted to stay. Every manager I’ve worked for here has been invested in helping me get where I want to go.” 

Nick Piris also sees Florence Bank as affirming and supportive, from the awarding of “Way to Go” certificates for jobs well done to the promise to learn on his own by making mistakes and fixing them. In the 18 months Nick has worked here, he’s risen from teller to senior accounting associate in the Finance Department, and he feels perfectly comfortable setting his reach on the top job.

“My ultimate goal is to become president of the bank. I have high aspirations,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere soon. I’ll be at Florence Bank.”

Vy Nguyen originally planned to move to New York City after college to pursue a career in visual arts but decided to explore a job opportunity with us. She values the connections she is making with colleagues, customers, and community members, and feels at home at Florence Bank. She often hears customers express gratitude about the grants we offer to nonprofits, and she learns about them, their families, their lives.

“Building relationships is a big part of what I do,” she explains. “I get to know what’s happening in peoples’ lives and uncover little gems about them.”

Hired in February 2022 as a teller, she has already seen a promotion to a leadership position, and she is proud to work for a bank that engages customers in the way our Customers’ Choice Community Grants program does. 

Our employees also trust us to take care of their health and wellness. For example, when Stephen was a part-time employee, he had benefits he’d never had before—from health and dental insurance to paid time off to profit sharing. 

Perhaps most importantly, it’s just plain fun to work here. We frequently hold engaging social events for our employees—from barbeques to cornhole tournaments. 

“That’s telling us that they are thinking about us,” Nick says. “It gives employees a break from work to just relax and chill without overstressing. It’s also a great way for employees in different departments to meet one another.”

On Forbidden Footwear Day, Vy got to wear slippers to work. 

“I would definitely recommend Florence Bank as an employer,” she says.

The respect is mutual, Vy.

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