Nick started out as a teller. But he plans to end up as CEO.

When Nick Piris wakes up in the morning, he’s energized about going to work at Florence Bank. He loves the relaxed culture, the independence he has to learn on his own by making mistakes and fixing them, and the assurance of support when he does want help or oversight.

“Everyone is so nurturing here,” Nick says. “The bank values me as an employee, and the bank is here for me.”

In roughly 18 months, Nick has moved from a teller position to senior accounting associate in the Finance Department, so he also understands there is ample opportunity for advancement at Florence Bank. He knows that so well and so deeply, he feels comfortable setting his reach on the top job.

“My ultimate goal is to become president of the bank. I have high aspirations here,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere soon. I’ll be at Florence Bank.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance from Western New England University in the spring of 2020, Nick worked in retail in the area for about six months, applying at Florence Bank when he saw we were hiring tellers. 

He came on board in an entry level teller position in Hadley in February 2021 and was promoted to his current position as senior accounting associate nine months later. 

The leap involved not only transferring to our main branch but also shifting from serving customers to working behind the scenes, reconciling the bank’s general ledger accounts, and delving into accounts payable and receivable. 

The transition was a smooth one, Nick says, because there was so much training and support. “I had my peers and my manager helping me and explaining procedures. I could always turn to someone and ask for help. No one was ever too busy,” he says. 

Other facets of the bank’s culture that Nick values are the events and opportunities the HR department creates for employee engagement—everything from barbeques to cornhole tournaments. “That’s telling us that they are thinking about us,” he says. “It gives employees a break from work to just relax and chill without overstressing. It’s a great way for employees in different departments to meet one another.”

Nick says he’s always telling his friends to apply for a job at Florence Bank. “It’s a great place to work. It’s calm. There is no stress,” he says. “I love coming to work.” 

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