Florence Bank

Overdraft Services

Protecting you from overdraft fees.

It happens to everybody. Sometimes you miscalculate. But we have you covered with three methods of automatic overdraft protection: Automatic Transfer, a Line of Credit Account or OOPs!

Automatic Transfer
With Automatic Transfer, funds are automatically transferred from your designated savings account(s).

  • We will cover overdrafts up to your available balance
  • No interest charged, no credit required.
  • There is a $5.00 overdraft transfer service fee per day.
It's easy to qualify. Just open a Florence Bank checking account and choose the savings account you'd like to use for your overdraft transfer account. It's that easy. Checking to Checking transfer is not available.

Line Of Credit

Once you are approved for a personal overdraft line of credit, funds are automatically transferred from your line of credit to your designated checking or savings account.

  • You pay interest only on the amount that is used.
  • Credit lines are available starting at $1,000 (in $500 increments).
  • Subject to credit approval.
Apply for a personal overdraft line of credit by visiting any Florence Bank office.


This easy to qualify for service offers overdraft protection with a maximum overdraft limit of $800 including overdraft fees.

  • A $33.00 overdraft fee per item (maximum of three per business day).
  • No overdraft fee for transactions less than $5.00 that may overdraw your account.
  • You avoid merchant charges on bounced checks.
  • Having your overdrafts paid is discretionary, and the amount of any overdraft, including fees, is due and payable immediately.
It's important to note that qualifying accounts are automatically enrolled for payment of checks, recurring debit transactions, and some electronic transactions, i.e,. direct debits. Your consent is required for authorization of ATM and everyday debit card transactions that may overdraw your account.

You have the option of choosing one or all of these overdraft protection options. You choose the order they will be used.

For additional details on the OOPS! program, please click here to view the OOPS Service Policy.