Five Reasons To Start Using Bill Pay

If you find Online Banking easy and convenient and you like the ability to transfer funds, check account balances, and monitor your transactions, why not take that convenience to the next level with Bill Pay. Bill Pay allows you to stay on top of your finances with the same efficiency as Online Banking.
Here are five reasons to start using Bill Pay;

1. It’s Fast.

No bones about it. Online bill payment is faster than writing checks, placing them in envelopes, sealing the envelopes, affixing stamps and mailing them out. Online transactions also process much faster than mailed-in ones, giving you more time to plan your payments. Gone would be the days of paper bills piling up on your kitchen counter or desk, waiting for you to sit down and tackle them.

2. It’s Safe.

Contrary to past belief, online bill payment is safer than snail mail. Your accounts are protected through multiple encryption methods and sophisticated techniques. In fact, the fewer paper statements, checks and personal information you have floating around in unsecure mailboxes, the better.

3. It Saves Money.

Bill Pay is free so it costs you nothing- no stamps to buy. And these days, just about any bill can be sent electronically. So if you start paying and receiving your bills electronically, there’s no printing, processing, or mailing, which saves everyone time and money, not to mention the environmental benefits of less waste and energy.

4. It’s Easy.

The Payment Center within Online Banking guides you through the set-up. The most popular billers are already in the system. Once you’ve completed the set-up, you can schedule one-time or recurring payments. You can even activate the eBills feature within the Payment Center so that you’ll begin receiving electronic versions of your bills within Bill Pay. Of course, if you need help, we’re just a phone call away and we’d be happy to walk you through the set up.

5. It’s Efficient.

Bill Pay helps you organize your finances. It consolidates your bills and keeps records of your payments without the need for a giant file cabinet. You can even connect the information in your Bill Pay to third party financial software, so you can track your expenditures, develop a budget and maybe even set some savings goals. Best of all, you won’t have to remember a bunch of different websites, user names and passwords to pay each bill separately online or buy a bunch of stamps and drive to the post office.
So what do you say? If it’s time to improve your bill payment ritual, give Bill Pay a try. Hassle-free bill payment is just a few clicks away!