Fingerprint Login and Face ID  is an optional sign in method offered by Florence Bank to sign into our Mobile Banking. It is available for iOS devices with Touch ID™ capability and Android devices that have compatible fingerprint support running Android 6.0 or higher.

Fingerprint Login / Face ID FAQs

How do I enroll in biometric authentication?

On the Florence Bank Mobile Banking app sign in screen, enter your password and then Navigate to the Mobile Services menu > Manage Authentication Options> Enrollment. You will then be prompted to give your device a name (should be unique) along with providing your Online Banking username and password. Once all three fields are filled out you can select enroll, now the next time you login to your Florence Bank app you will be prompted to use your fingerprint.

How do I login with Fingerprint?

On the app’s login screen, a message will display prompting you to sign in with your Fingerprint.

Is Fingerprint login/ Face ID secure?

Yes. Fingerprint login and Face ID has the same level of security as all authentication methods for online and mobile banking. 

Will a password be required when using Fingerprint login / Face ID?

No. Once you are enrolled with biometric authentication, your fingerprint or face is the only required login credential.

What smartphone devices are supported?

Fingerprint login and Face ID is available for Touch ID capable iOS devices and Android devices that have compatible fingerprint support running Android 6.0 or higher. Compatible Android devices are those that are using Android’s fingerprint support. Specific devices from Manufacturers that have created their own Fingerprint supported devices and are not using Google’s built-in support for Android, are not compatible. Examples of known devices that are not supported are the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. These devices use Samsung’s Fingerprint drivers, not Google’s Android. 

If my fingerprint or face  is not recognized, can I still login to my account?

Yes. You can still login to the Florence Bank Mobile Banking app using your account username and password.

Can I use any finger for Fingerprint Authentication?

Yes, you can store as many of your fingerprints as the device allows. Any fingerprint that is stored in the device can be used to access your Mobile Banking.

What if my Fingerprint login/ Face ID enabled phone is lost or stolen?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen you can delete a device at any time by logging onto your account from a PC or another device and selecting the Manage Devices screen. You can delete the lost/ stolen device from the list of devices currently authorized. In addition, anytime a new fingerprint is added to the device, re-enrollment is required. 

How can I disable Biometric Authentication?

Fingerprint login/Face ID can be disabled in a number of ways:

1. By using the mobile app and navigating from the: Sign In page > Mobile Services > Manage Authentication Options > Enrollment > Click “Unenroll”.

2. Using the mobile browser: Sign In > “Manage Devices.” 

What happens when I buy a new phone?

You will need to register your fingerprint or face ID on the new device, and then set up biometric authentication to access Mobile Banking using your fingerprint.

Where is my fingerprint/face stored?

Florence Bank does not hold or store your fingerprint or picture. Your fingerprint/image is stored on your device (as part of its user settings) when you set it up. We rely on the device to authenticate your fingerprint if you choose to use fingerprint login when accessing Mobile Banking.

What happens if my device is stolen - will someone be able to access my accounts?

Another person would need your Florence Bank online banking login name and password to access your accounts. Please call our Customer Service Center at 413.586.1300 in the event your device is lost or stolen so we can reset your password as an added level of security.