The Importance of Teen Checking Account

Learning how to effectively manage money is one of the most vital skills to learn in life. The earlier you can teach your child the importance of money management, the more comfortable they’ll be with making major financial decisions in the future.

A teen checking account can guide future adults towards better saving and spending habits. If your child recently received their learners permit or started their first part-time job, it may be time for them to take on the responsibility of having their own bank account.

As a parent, you can provide your teen with helpful banking tips to ensure that they’re ready to begin managing their money – and remember, we’re here to help too!

We invite teens to visit any one of our branches to discuss our free checking account. With our teen resource center, we not only help them open their first account, we also help them learn how to use it. In fact, those who are between the ages of 13 and 18 can earn $10 just by completing the checking account management section (which can be found here), and learn everything there is to know about checking accounts at the same time.

Here are some helpful tools we provide that will make your teen's transition into banking as simple as possible:

• Your teen can easily bank on-the-go by downloading our mobile app. One key feature is mobile deposit, which allows them to deposit a check in a safe and efficient manner using their smartphone or tablet.
• Another great feature of our mobile app is Person to Person Payments (P2P). This feature offers a convenient way to send money directly to a person’s account via the web, mobile or tablet device without having to exchange sensitive account information. For example, this feature is perfect for receiving babysitting money or paying a friend back for dinner after a night out.
• With our Card Controls feature, your teen can request text or email alerts that will notify them if their account is below a predetermined threshold – helping them to better manage their money while avoiding overdraft fees.
• Our mobile app also provides a freeze your card feature, making it easy for your teen to deactivate their card if they misplace it and when it’s recovered, they can reactivate it right from their phone.

Prioritizing money management is a valuable life lesson, one that takes time to learn and master. Encourage your teen to stop in to any one of our branches to open an account and get started today.