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No additional cost

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Our 120 day pre-approval with guaranteed rate-lock strengthens your offer, protects your rate, and allows you to house shop with confidence.**

Are you currently looking for a home, or think you will be in the near future? If so, we have a new mortgage pre-approval with rate lock that is right for you.

We will automatically lock in the interest rate for 120 calendar days** at no cost at the time of your pre-approval application. This will allow you time to get approved, shop for a home, and close on your loan. If interest rates decrease during this time, we will reset your rate at no cost, on the 10th business day prior to the closing date.

So, whether you're ready to buy a home now or in the near future, let us help you finance the home of your dreams at a cost that fits within your budget. We're always here to help. 

All of our Branch Managers are also trained Mortgage Originators, which means easy access for all of your mortgage needs, anytime.