People Of The Valley

This year we invited everyday people living in the Valley to use our tune to sing about something they care about. In this commercial we feature local people such as Melissa Torres, Volunteer at Lorraine's Soup Kitchen, and Scott Coen, Sports Broadcaster. Click the play button above to check it out! 

Watch Melissa's Video

Want More?

We have so much talent in our community, we had to create 2 television commercials! In our second spot, we highlight more local community members and their organizations such as Dakin Humane Society and the International Language Institute. Click the play button above to check it out!

Watch Mark's Video

Behind The Scenes

Are you looking for some behind the scenes footage and want to learn more about what the local people in our commercial are doing to make our community great? Click the play button above to hear why these people call the Valley their home.

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