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Update on PPP Forgiveness
Updated September 14, 2020

As a recipient of a Paycheck Protection Loan through Kabbage, you may be wondering what’s next. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as more information becomes available:

  • PPP Loan applicants will receive information from Kabbage once they are ready to process forgiveness applications.  Please check this page frequently for more information.
  • Everything will happen from the dashboard. The dashboard is the system you sign in to from Kabbage.com.
  • Kabbage has told us that they will communicate with you from the dashboard and through email. We have also learned that there will be a resource center available on the Kabbage website with everything you need to know about the forgiveness process and the application. They will have tutorial videos and other materials to help you through the process.
  • The forgiveness application will be done online so there is no need to fill out the paper application you may have seen on the SBA’s website. However, we recommend you make yourself familiar with the information you will be asked to submit.
  • Be sure to log in to the Kabbage dashboard frequently for more information regarding this process and for further instructions.
  • You may qualify to have your loan forgiven if the proceeds are used to pay certain eligible costs and a forgiveness application is submitted. You must submit your application within the Kabbage dashboard.
  • Once your forgiveness application is received, Kabbage will have 60 days to decide on loan forgiveness. The SBA will then have up to 90 days to review the forgiveness application.
  • The amount of loan forgiveness will be reduced if less than 60% of the funds are spent on qualified payroll costs. Those qualified payroll costs must be made over an 8 to 24-week period from when your loan was disbursed.
  • You have 10 months from your disbursement date to request forgiveness of your PPP loan. You will be required to make principal and interest payments in the 11th month after disbursement on any amount not yet forgiven.
  • Continue to keep records of the loan proceeds you spend during this period, including receipts, copies of checks, and any other documentation that will help you verify how the funds were used.

Like the application process, the forgiveness process is complex and will require diligence and patience for all concerned. Please continue to look for further instructions in the Kabbage dashboard and by email. We will provide updates with more details as they become available.

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As always, your Florence Bank Lender is available to help you. Please contact us if you need special assistance outside of these government assistance programs.