Lauren P's Moment 

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When Jack Poudrier is not in the office working hard as the Technical Support Manager at Florence Bank, he can be found at Nonotuck Park in Easthampton coaching t-ball and baseball for both of his kids’ teams. Jack is a committed member of the Easthampton Little League’s Board of Directors and a representative for the league. So, in other words, Jack is a very busy, community-minded dad.
His daughter, Lauren, age 5, is often bursting with energy and has an abundance of spunk and wit. She’s currently playing her first season of t-ball with mostly all boys and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit.
“She’s the biggest and one of the fastest on the team” Jack proudly says. “Most of the time she winds up playing with the boys anyway” he adds.

This makes perfect sense to Jack because he’s also been coaching baseball for his son, Hayden, age 8, and often brings Lauren along to the games to watch her big brother and his friends.

When asked what position on the field his daughter likes best, Jack immediately responds, “either 1st base or pitcher because they get the most action. She’s like all the other kids - she loves to get out there and dig in the dirt.”

And when she’s not digging in the dirt, she’s up at bat swinging her heart out. Lauren’s natural athletic abilities make her sprints to the bases look easy. And when she finally connects with the ball, whether it’s a hard hit or not, she is always amazed at her achievement. Jack recounts, “She was so excited to finally hit the ball - it’s a lot of fun to watch her out there.” Lauren chimes in excitedly, “my favorite part was getting to run to 1st base!”

Lauren has the opportunity to play t-ball for three more seasons before deciding if she wants to continue to join softball. When asked if he thinks his daughter will remember these childhood moments in the years to come, Jack says smiling, “Oh yes, for sure. The whole summer is filled with memory makers.”

For now, Lauren is most excited to finish up each game so she can head to her grandmother’s house (whom she lovingly calls, “mémé”) to enjoy ice cream with her family – proving that even in the most simple moments, the joys of being a 5 year old in our vibrant community are boundless.
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