Stephanie and James' Wedding Moment

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Sometimes the person you’ve been searching for your entire life is standing right in front of you. That was the case for Stephanie LeMoine, a Teller Operations Manager at Florence Bank, when she connected with James Pratt of Amherst, MA.
“I remember I first encountered him years ago when I was a Teller at our Hadley branch,” Stephanie says.
Fast forward to May of 2014, Stephanie was longing to meet someone she had an authentic connection with and decided to give online dating a shot. She went on a few dates, but nothing stuck.
Then in August, she noticed a familiar face had “favorited” her on the site. In return, she liked one of his pictures and they quickly began messaging each other. Soon after, they realized the reason they seemed so familiar to one another is because they had met before. “He connected the dots first, and then I quickly realized he was the customer I used to wait on at the Bank!” Stephanie recalls.
They went on their first date at Mission Cantina in Amherst later that month and shortly after began dating. When asked if there was a moment that she knew James was “the one” Stephanie excitedly answered without hesitation, “I was at his apartment and we were cooking dinner together. We were being silly and joking around and he did this one movement followed by a hilarious facial expression and I literally fell to the floor hysterically laughing. I opened my eyes and noticed that he too was hunched over from laughing so hard. I knew then that we had something very special and that I had found my person.”
As they say, the rest is history. This October, Stephanie and James will be celebrating four years together – their first as a married couple. They made their courtship official this June, with a beautiful wedding at the Alexlee House in Greenfield, MA.
“Our wedding was honestly the most amazing day,” Stephanie recounts. “I loved every second but I would say the moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life was when I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of “Here Comes the Sun.” I looked up and saw my future husband waiting for me; it was an emotional moment. It finally hit me that I was going to be his wife – it was surreal and perfect.”
Stephanie adds, “The actual ceremony was also incredibly memorable. As we were saying our vows, a butterfly lingered in-between our faces.”
Everyone gasped at the serendipity of the moment. Later that night, James’ mother told the couple that her father passed away when James was young, but she remembers his love for butterflies and always thinks of him whenever she sees a butterfly. “It was like his grandfather was there with us. It was beyond special,” Stephanie says full of gratitude.
For Stephanie and James, who were both born and raised in the Pioneer Valley, it was essential for their wedding to be in the area where they grew up and now call home. They recently bought their first house and now that they’re back from their relaxing and adventurous honeymoon in Costa Rica, they’re ready to make their house a home.
Stephanie smiles and says, “We’re just happy to enjoy life together in our new home with our dog. It’s such an exciting time in our lives, and we want to cherish every second.”
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