Offering a Personal Touch

Even though they’ve lived in Holyoke for 13 years, Daisy Mathias and her husband, Bob Nelson, come back every week to Northampton—where they lived and worked for decades—to pay their mortgage and make deposits at Florence Bank.
“We like to walk in and talk to a person and say, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ and have a social chat,” says Bob.
The two married in January of 1983, when they also moved to Northampton; they had Anne in April 1984. Back in those early years, Daisy and Bob lived and ran a bed and breakfast at The Beeches in Northampton—the former home of President Calvin Coolidge—and also ran a shop in downtown Northampton, called Peacework Gallery and Crafts, which sold Native American art and closed in 2002.
It was back in those days when the couple first connected with Florence Bank. They used another Northampton bank to obtain their mortgage for The Beeches, but when the bank was purchased by what they call “a mega bank,” they decided they wanted to do their banking with a local organization.
“We chose Florence Bank in the 1990s,” Bob says. They’ve never looked back.
Daisy and Bob rely on the friendly atmosphere at Florence Bank, and they take note of and appreciate its philanthropy in the community, such as donations offered through the Customers’ Choice Community Grants program. “It’s wonderful, and it supports organizations we care about,” Daisy says.
Florence Bank’s new, full-service Hampden County Banking Center in West Springfield will be an added bonus for Daisy, who continues to commute to Springfield and says she just might stop some time to make a deposit or make a loan payment.
“It’s certainly going to be nice to have our local bank in the county that we’re living in,” she says. “That could be very convenient.”