A New Way to Bank

At Florence Bank, we appreciate our customers’ wide range of lifestyles, needs, interests, and budgets. That’s why we offer a variety of mobile services so you can bank on-the-go with our effortless and intuitive mobile banking app.

“Banking has changed in new and exciting ways within the past five years. These changes have given people the option to bank 24/7 – all while using a variety of mobile services. We want our customers to feel ahead of the curve, that’s why we provide innovative solutions that will make their on-the-go banking experiences fast, easy, and secure.” - Cheryl Scully, Director of Operations & Technology
Never Miss a Beat with Mobile Banking
With our Mobile Banking app, you can stay on top of your accounts no matter where the day takes you. You can check your balance, transfer funds, and pay bills with ease, whether you are running errands, on your lunch break, or attending your kids’ sporting events.
•Our Mobile Banking app lets you quickly and easily access your account balance while on the go, using Mobile Banking on your iPhone or Android smartphones.
•Just download the app for your phone, and you can access your account anywhere at any time. Use the app to transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and more!
•Florence Bank understands that sometimes you need to temporarily increase the amount you can access using your debit card, and you can easily make a request to do so via the Mobile Banking app or online. And if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call us.

P2P Payments in a Flash
Need to repay a coworker for takeout? Owe a friend money for concert tickets? Simply need to pay the dog walker at the end of the week? With Person-to-Person Payments (P2P), you can avoid the hassle of writing a personal check or withdrawing cash.
•With our mobile app, you can easily transfer money from your account to the recipient’s account, even if they aren’t a Florence Bank customer.
•Just log into the mobile banking app on your phone or tablet device, or log into Online Banking and select “Pay a Person”, enter the recipient’s information, choose the amount, and send.
•You only need to know the person’s email address or mobile phone number to send them money. Once the cash hits their account, you will receive a notification. It’s quick, easy, and secure. And best of all? It’s a free service within Online Banking!

Deposit a Check in Minutes
No time to get to the bank? Want to deposit that birthday gift? Florence Bank makes it even more convenient for you to deposit your checks without a trip to the bank!
•The convenient Mobile Deposit feature makes it a cinch to deposit money, and it can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android applications.
•Simply snap a clear picture of the front and back of your check with your phone or tablet, and it will be deposited into your checking or savings account within two business days.

Mobile Payments Make Shopping a Breeze
Whether you’re running errands on your lunch break or stocking up at the grocery store, our Mobile Payments feature is here to make purchasing life’s necessities easier – with no cash or card required!
•Add your Florence Bank debit card to your phone’s Wallet. When you make a purchase at a participating retailer, simply hold your phone near the reader.
•It’s a simple and efficient way to make purchases every day, and is now offered using Apple Pay®, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
•It’s a secure way to pay every day. Instead of using your actual debit card, a unique number is encrypted and securely stored for every transaction.

Need to Check Your Balance on the Go?
When you’re out and about living your life, it’s essential that you have quick access to your bank accounts to keep track of your balances.
•With Fast Balances, you can quickly check your account balances and your last 5 transactions in an instant.
•Simply set up the Florence Bank app on your device, enroll in Fast Balances, or sign in using your online Banking credentials to view your accounts.

Card Controls: Lost or Stolen Card? No Problem!
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re running errands in a short time-frame. Before you know it, you realize your debit card has been misplaced at one of the many spots you recently frequented. But, Florence Bank offers a great solution!
•With Mobile Banking’s Card Controls, you can instantly deactivate your card using your mobile device or within Online Banking.
•If you find your card, simply choose the reactivate option and your card will be ready to use again immediately. It’s quick and easy.

At Florence Bank, we stay ahead of the curve offering cutting-edge mobile banking options to help simplify our customers’ lives. We know how valuable our customers’ time is, so our promise is to ensure that banking with Florence is always fast, easy and secure.